1. IDRA seeks to promote innovative drowning-related research by serving as a platform for collaborative efforts fostering the reduction of aquatic incidents in and around water.

2. IDRA aims to manage, coordinate and disseminate drowning research worldwide around the topics of prevention, rescue and treatment, covering different areas such as public health, educational and sport sciences, psychology and sociology (as well as policy, economics, engineering, and others).

3. IDRA proposes to manage strategic research issues and act as the link to convert research into practical solutions, programs, resources, or equipment thereby reducing the number of drowning incidents. IDRA will collaborate with academic and governmental research centers and units to promote international exchange of knowledge and best practices in the field.

4. IDRA aims to collect and present data from ongoing research on drowning, relating to topics of prevention, rescue and treatment, and act as a repository, stimulating policy debates.

5. IDRA will provide technical assistance to individuals and/or organizations interested in using methodological approaches to answer their specific drowning related problems.

6. IDRA will undertakes collaborative research in its own right.

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