Dan Graham, LLB (Hons) – United Kingdom

Dan Graham has taught water safety and rescue skills in a variety of disaster-prone environments for over twenty years.  He is currently studying for a Masters in Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development at the University of Newcastle in Australia. He has worked globally in the field of disaster preparedness and response, specifically flooding and cyclone.  Dan specialises in the development of training programme and supporting resources.  He has edited and authored many manuals including the Rescue 3 European Modular Manual, the RLSS (UK) Open Water Lifeguard, and the RLSS NWMP Flood Safety and Aquatic PPE resources.  He is a co-founder and trustee of the Nile Swimmers, leading drowning prevention efforts in Sudan. Dan is a contributing author to many publications including two chapters of the second edition of the Handbook on Drowning. He has also presented at the World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2011 , 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019. He is currently a Rescue 3 qualified Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Instructor, Swiftwater Rescue Boat Operator Instructor, an RLSS (UK) Trainer Assessor & Mentor for Pool Lifeguarding, Beach Lifeguarding, and Lifesaving. 

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/disasterdan/