José Palacios Aguilar, PhD – Spain

– Coordinator of the Research Group “Aquatic Activities and Lifesaving “. Department of Physical Education and Sports – University of A Coruña.

– Professor of the subjects “Healthy Water Activities and Lifesaving” and “Games and Sports Recreation” in the Faculty of Sport Science and Physical Education – University of A Coruña, from academic year 1988/89 to the present.

– Training expert at the National Institute of Qualifications Ministry of Education of Spain for the development of professional skills related to lifesaving and aquatic safety and first aid qualifications.

– Expert training / technology in the Public Service of Employment of the Ministry of Labour of Spain for the development of professional certificates of lifeguard.

– Doctor in Physical Education. PhD thesis: “Aquatic Rescue: a study of the reality of lifeguard on the beaches of Galicia with Blue Flag -1996 / 1997″. Department of Medicine, University of A Coruña, on 3 May 1999.

– Degree in Physical Education. Number 1 Study Period 1982-1987 of the Physical Education National Institute (Polytechnic University of Madrid). June 1987.

– First National Prize of Completion. Ministry of Education and Science. June 1988.

– Vice President 1 ADEAC-FEE (Association of Environmental and Consumer Education – Foundation for Environmental Education), responsible in Spain of the Blue Flag campaign, from June 2007 to the present.

– Member of the National Jury and Inspector “Blue Flag beaches and harbors” in Spain, from 1997 to the present.

– Professor in doctoral programs and graduate courses, seminars and workshops at universities in Argentina, Spain, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and Portugal.

– Author of books (29), book chapters (30), monographs (20) and articles (81) about lifesaving, water activities, aquatic rescue, first aid, civil protection and games.