Professor Danielli Mello is Director of Education and Prevention Board at SOBRASA, responsible for the projects: “Kim na Escola”, “Surf-Salva”, “Piscina + Segura”, “Municípios + Resilientes” and others prevention events programs, contributing to the development of drowning prevention knowledge by national and international conferences, research, strategies, and programs.

Danielli’s first contact with SOBRASA was in 2007 when she had the opportunity to watch a Lifesaving Championship in Santa Catarina, south region of Brazil, and since of them, became a volunteer and got involved with several projects that increased over the years.

Graduated in Physical Education (UFRJ/BRAZIL), PhD in Public Health (FIOCRUZ/BRAZIL), Post Doc in Physiology in Extreme Environment (UP/UK) and Post Doc in Sports Thermography (UPM/ESP), Danielli is Titular Professor at the Physical Education College of Brazilian Army (EsEFEx) with background in Physiology of Exercise and a long academic record with published papers, book and book chapters, and supervision of PhD, Masters, and Graduated students of health sciences.

Expertise in Exercise Physiology, Physiology in Extreme Environments, Thermal Stress, Infrared Thermography and Sport Biochemistry.

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