Graduation in medicine in 1982, residence in internal medicine from 1982 to 1985, worked from 1990 to 2010, as a MD in a daily basis, with lifeguards at the Drowning Resuscitation Centre (Fire Department of Rio de Janeiro). This Centre is a pre-hospital emergency facility at the Rio de Janeiro Beaches, specially developed in the 60´ to deal with aquatic emergencies. The reference hospital for trauma was his other job (Former Head at the Adult Intensive Care Unit for 12 years – Municipal Miguel Couto Hospital), which allow him to follow up all the occurrences since pre to hospital care. Founder and Former President and Medical Director of Brazilian Life Saving Society – SOBRASA, and actually General-Secretary, he is member of Brazilian National Resuscitation Council and Medical and Prevention Commission of  the International Life-Saving Federation(ILS), Knight granted by the International Lifesaving Federation – ILS and author of 4 books, 112 book chapters and 267 papers on National/International Medical Literature, with more than 850 drowning Lectures on National/International Conferences.


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