With a career in public health at local and state health departments in Texas (USA), Dave has used epidemiological tools to collect, analyze, and disseminate reports on drownings and has promoted water safety. With a masters degree in public health, he has experience and knowledge of surveillance approaches to understand the manner and circumstances of death and injury incidents in and around water. He served as the drowning epidemiologist/resource expert to state legislators and public health leadership in Texas on successful efforts to make drownings a reportable/notifable public health condition in Texas (one of only two states in the USA). He has conducted drowning surveillance efforts involving various water settings: pools, natural bodies, boating-related, and floods/disasters (e.g., Flash Flood Alley). His several publications/reports detail his use of various datasets (e.g., mortality, ambulance run reports, syndromic, tax appraisal data) to understand drowning patterns. Dave likes collaborating with others. He recently co-authored a report on fatal drownings in Texas from 2006-2020. He now volunteers with