Tina van Duijn, PhD – New Zealand

Tina van Duijn is a skill acquisition scientist with a background in Sport and Exercise Science. In her earlier work, she investigated the effect of using different instructional techniques such as implicit motor learning and analogy instructions on learning, performance and brain activity. Since 2020, Tina has been conducting research in the field of water safety skill acquisition. Currently, Tina is a Lecturer in Skill Acquisition and Motor Control at the University of Otago’s School of Physical Education, Sport and exercise sciences. Her research investigates underlying control processes that affect motor skill learning and performance. She has worked with Water Safety New Zealand and the Swiss Lifesaving Society to investigate learning of aquatic and lifesaving skills.

Tina is very passionate about water safety and believes that we can all make a difference by promoting evidence-based approaches – and by providing the data and studies needed for this evidence base. Her current work is multidisciplinary and includes studies on physiology, cognitive processing and performance of aquatic skills as well as the development of motor competencies in the (open) water. She is also conducting research on learning of resuscitation skills in a collaborative project with the Swiss Lifesaving Organization (SLRG). Her track record includes a growing number of peer reviewed scientific papers and conference presentations, as well as public outreach and science communication events on the topic of water safety.

Twitter: @tinaduijn