Andreas Claesson, PhD – Sweden

Dr. Andreas Claesson has been teaching swimming, ice-rescue and lifesaving courses at the Tylösand SLSC since 1996 and has a PhD in medicine titled; Lifesaving after cardiac arrest due to drowning from the university of Göteborg 2013.
Andreas has been working with the Ambulance services of Kungälv since 1998 as a RN, Paramedic and lately also teacher of prehospital care at the university of Borås.
Currently he is chair of the Swedish resuscitation council with over 15 years experience of developing national lifesaving and CPR teaching materials as well as e-elearning courses in CPR in use by all health care personnel in Sweden. Andreas has a post-doc position at the Centre for resuscitation science at Karolinska institute, Stockholm with research projects covering drowning, early defibrillation in OHCA and, award-winning, the use of drones for lifesaving purposes.

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