Daniel Hartmann, PhD – Israel

Dr. Daniel Hartmann holds a Dipl. Geol. (M.Sc. in Geology) from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (1980), and Ph.D. in Geology from Aarhus University (Aarhus, Denmark, 1989). Today, he is a senior lecturer of Safety Management and Disaster Management courses at the Safety Management & Engineering Unit, Ben-Gurion University. Daniel is an active member of the Risk Management Working Group at ILTAM/INCOSE_IL and at The Technion – Gordon Center for Systems Engineering, conducting STAMP related research and workshops. Daniel joint recently the newly established Systems Engineering Research Institute (SERI) at the Tel Aviv University with his multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research mainly focusing on studying accidents and disasters in the context of the entire sociotechnical systems. He is also a Water-Safety and Coastal and Environmental Management consultant to various Law Firms and Organizations.

For those who like definitions: Daniel Hartmann can be defined today as a scientist and researcher with a broad formal education in the fields of earth sciences and the environment, with many years of experience in beach, coastal, shallow marine and environmental issues and additional specialization in Systems Safety and Systems Risk Management.

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