EPSA – Lifesaving Professional Team Argentina

EPSA, is a non governmental organization founded in 1996 in Argentina and its a full member of the International Life Saving Federation since 1997.
The EPSA mission is to lead the processes that ensure the reduction of drowning deaths and injuries in the aquatic environment in Argentina. We are convinced that preparation and continuous training are the ways to achieve an efficient role both in prevention and reactions as in mitigation process.
EPSA wants to be recognized for the professionalism, passion, commitment, responsibility and dedication of our professionals.
At EPSA we are all committed to the sustainability of the institution, the environment and within our society , through the search for synergies with all national and international institutions that have similar principles.
Our vision is to be the national referent in aquatic safety and drowning prevention. Promote and collaborate in the training of new lifeguards with an emphasis on drowning prevention with a high professional spirit. Actively contribute to the development of aquatic safety in each region or state in need of it, whether in the national or international settings.