Roberto Barcala-Furelos, PhD – Spain

Professor Barcala-Furelos has a Ph.D. in Sports Sciences (University of Vigo, Spain). He has a Bachelor in Sport Sciences (PE) and Bachelor in Nursing (RN). Professor Barcala-Furelos is a lifeguard and lifeguard instructor. Currently is a professor at the University of Vigo and Head of the university research group REMOSS (performance in sports and lifesaving) and a member of the CLINURSID group (networking medical and nursing group of the University of Santiago de Compostela – Spain). His research is focused on Water Rescue, Lifeguards, and Drowning prevention. He is the coordinator of the lifesaving group (SEMES-SOCORRISMO) of the Spanish emergency society (SEMES) and has authored several scientific papers in journals with impact factor.

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